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The FWA is “the world’s largest, free, online writing resource database,” providing free writing resources and writing links in a database filled with international writing web sites. FREE registration with FWO will get you some nifty software, and more gifts are provided if you donate. You can also subscribe to periodic emails that provide a wealth of information from the personable Rowdy Rhodes, Site Director.

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

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  1. Hi,

    The plan is to create a short story of about 20,000 words using different authors to write about 1000 – 1100 words each.

    It’s just for the joy of it – no money involved, but it’s proving to be a fascinating exercise. We only need seven more authors.

    Simply stated, the previous chapters (of which 6 are already written) are emailed to a participating author.

    – in 12 days they should read the story so far and write their contribution.
    – any sub-plot introduced must be completed in their chapter
    – they should not bring the major plot to a conclusion (this will be left to the last 2 writers)
    – without compromising their own approach, they should try to keep the writing styles cohesive
    – in following these rules, no contribution will be altered until final editing (continuity excepting)

    That’s it. No more regs.

    If someone would like to write a section, please contact me.


    Ed Ackman


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