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An Essential Editing Manual

Editing manuals are like potato chips: You can’t have just one. Not if you’re a writer or editor. One manual may be most effective in explaining the proper use of tenses; another is better at describing the pitfalls of poor punctuation. A third might be the most up-to-date on using web-based references. Very likely, all of your manuals are printed books of various sizes, and they often reside on a shelf or desk in your office or home.

Now add an ebook on editing to your collection: Audrey Owen’s Get Your Writing Fighting Fit (GYWFF). Many of you may already know Audrey Owen through her website, Writer’s Helper, where she offers editing services as well as advice and information on a wealth of writing topics. She has condensed her formidable breath of editing experience and knowledge into a 78-page ebook that you can carry with you everywhere that you take your computer.

I have shelves of editing and writing manuals at my home office, but I don’t always do my writing at home. I lug my 17-inch iBook G4 with me wherever I go, and that’s enough weight to carry in my backpack without adding in books, large or small. I also can’t always access the web when I might need a fast refresher of active voice. So it didn’t take me but a few seconds to decide to purchase Get Your Writing Fighting Fit when I first saw the advert.

I love GYWFF. I love that it is an ebook that I can save to my computer and have with me at all times. I love the entertaining yet authoritative style of Ms. Owens’ prose and how well she emulates her own advice. I love that I now always have an editing safety net, no matter how far I might be from my cherished printed manuals.

To learn more about GYWFF, click here.

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