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The New Bard Press

Here’s a forum for writers and readers alike. The New Bard Press offers a place for writers to post their poems, stories, and essays, and for readers to read those works of art and offer comments. It’s a low-key version of Zoetrope, but without the review requirements.

Malcolm Sterling, the bard behind New Bard Press, describes the press as “for people who write what isn’t “popular at the moment” as dictated by large publishing houses. People who write well and want their stories to be read! People who want honest constructive critiques of their prose so they can improve and learn in a peer to peer/fan environment rather than a peer to business environment.” It is not a vanity press, or a way to self-publish. It is, however, a wonderful way to not only broaden your readership beyond your immediate circle of friends, but also get constructive, objective feedback on your writing so you can continue to improve.

New Bards’ Press even has a clever feature that allows members to leave “appreciations” (small sums of $$ via PayPal) to anyone who has published their work on the press.

Pay a visit to the bards, enjoy some of the works already published, and consider submitting your own!

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