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The high caliber of guest blogging at the Writer’s Resource Center continues with Yuwanda Black‘s post on “White Papers: The Niche Where 20 Pages Can Net You $20,000–Really!” Yumanda’s post defines white papers and gives some great insights on why writing white papers can be lucrative. It comes down to: the business field (which is willing to pay $$), industry recognition (that’s the purpose of white papers), and less competition (from other freelancers).

According to Yuwanda: “White papers are the one writing niche where I’d have to say the worth of the writer is valued in terms of the end result, not the actual output. And, that’s one reason to go after this niche. Business rarely quibble about price, they just want someone who can deliver the goods – goods they don’t mind paying for.” Click here to read the entire post.

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