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Learn to Critique and Become a Better Writer in the Process

Today at the Writer’s Resource Center, Kat Shann offers a compelling argument for why writers should learn to become good critics. Kat notes that, “Most writers love to receive critique of their work. Few are keen on giving it.” Yet, writers have a lot to gain by critiquing the work of their fellow writers. Kat describes several benefits, including (and most important to me), developing a critical eye for one’s own work. By constructively reviewing someone else’s novel or short story, you not only learn what that writer did “right” (aka the “WOW” factor), you also learn how to create that effect in your story. Kat also provides several links on the proper way to critique as well as venues for critiquing. You’ll have to read her full post (click here) for those links 🙂

And here I will put a plug in for Zoetrope and New Bard’s Press; both of these online writing communities have been discussed in my previous posts and you can also find their links on the sidebar.