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Learn How You Can Get Paid for Blogging

Hana Kim, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, provides great advice for anyone interested in getting paid for blogging. Her advice can apply to writing in general since she touches getting used to rejection and calculating appropriate rates; however, her own experience in getting paid to blog is particularly noteworthy. Her take-home messsage: “Blog first; find the right gig later.” The best part of her story is that she is earning money blogging about things that really interest her, things that she was already blogging about for free. She describes it as her “dream job.” I want one of those! For Hana’s complete post, click here.

2 thoughts on “Learn How You Can Get Paid for Blogging

  1. Hi, Sonya, thanks for dropping in. Like with any other job, you need to develop some experience first. Since my post was focused on having a “dream job,” think about content for your blog. What do you want to blog about? What would you enjoy writing about every day, or most every day? Once you decide that, then you need to choose a blog hosting website. Now, there are quite a few free blog hosting websites to choose from. I’m most familiar with, (which I use for my blog), and You might actually try a couple before you settle on the one that works best for you. Things to consider: how easy is it to add links and widgets to your blog; whether you can edit the template html; whether you can email your posts; whether you can download your posts to your computer. As far as blogging gigs, you might start with and And troll the internet. No one job stream is going to give you a list of all possible opportunities. If you have a particular interest, says, geriatric cats, visit some commercial cat websites and see if they have blogs and/or if they use guest bloggers.
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