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I think I’ve found someone’s online dream job at Pump Up Your Book Promotion ( Dorothy Thompson is the CEO and founder of this online PR firm. She offers several promotional packages for authors looking to hawk their books, which include: “virtual book tours” on 15-20 blogs; press releases; one-on-one contact to ensure that your blog is up and running and is SEO-friendly; and (if you select the Gold package), a book trailer on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and other promotional video websites as well as their page at YouTube.

They also offer a unique marketing strategy that purports to benefit authors and readers alike: the PumpUp Buyers Incentive Rewards Program. Buy any book (or books) of authors currently on tour with Pump Up and you’ll get free goodies such as autographed bookmarks and ebooks about publishing. The more you buy, the more goodies you get.  For a list of authors currently on virtual tour, click here.

I say this must be a dream job because Dorothy and her staff blog like there’s no tomorrow! Here are just a few of their blogs (which, I assume, are part of the book promotion package):

Book Marketing Buzz (which includes an opportunity for published authors to be guest bloggers)

Beyond the Books

Pump Up Your Online Book Promotion

Pump Up Your Book Promotion Galleria of Books

Paperback Writer–Books and Author Interviews

The Book Stacks

The Writer’s Life

Although I do subscribe to the feed for The Writer’s Life (and that was my introduction to Pump Up Your Book Promotion), I have not used the firm’s PR services nor participated in the Readers Incentive Rewards Program (although I plan to, if I find a book I want to purchase). So if you have used their services, then please leave a comment and let me how it was (or is). It’s easy for me to be awestruck by what appears to be good organization. Really, I’m impressed with the blogs, the websites, and the packages. They do offer testimonials from past clients, but I can’t personally attest to how well the promotional services work. And that is, in part, because I don’t yet have a book to promote 🙂

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  1. Book promotion is certainly important! Thanks for the comments on Pump Up Your Book Promotion. I’m just looking at setting up a tour for my new historical novel, so will check them out!


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