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Ride ’em, Cowboy! The Nexus Between Editing and Bull Riding

You must read today’s guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, Suzanne G. Fox!  Her post, “So Much in Common:  The Truth About Editing and Bull Riding,” is both entertaining and informative.  My favorite similarity of the several that she lists is that while technology helps, it’s talent and training that make the difference.  Here’s a clip from her post:

“Bull riding doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment-a rider could probably get by with just a bull rope, a cowboy hat, and a set of spurs, and no amount of fiddling with these basics seems to make much difference in his performance. The great “Razor” Jim Sharp didn’t even wear chaps-he always rode in blue jeans. Likewise in editing-fast computers and access to the Chicago Manual of Style online may save some time, but in the end, it’s what you’ve learned and how you practice it, plus your innate command of the language, that determine your success.”

Now go and read the rest of her post by clicking here.

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