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I recently created a profile on Facebook, at first to follow the lives of the younger members of my families.  But I’ve since gone Facebook crazy with adding apps, including trying to add my blog posts.  Although this old gal has a bit of a learning curve with Facebook, it is insanely easy to set up compared to MySpace and much more fun.  But, you may ask, is there any value in Facebook for the aspiring writer?   Jump over to Wicked Wordsmith for a great post on “Using Facebook to Your Advantage.”  Blogger Angela Wilson interviews Mari Smith on the pros and cons of using Facebook as a marketing tool.  It’s a great interview with lots of tips and insights for tyros like me and, maybe, you too!

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Great blog (discovered through Womens’ Blogger Directory which was in turn discovered through FB, so the long and tortuous route actually worked for you!). I shall look forward to reading it, and have put it on my feed. I’m on Blogger, myself (finding WordPress a little challenging for the technically inept ie me) at so please hop over and take a look at a fellow writer! Another good place for writing bloggers is The Red Room at I’ve had loads of visitors and only been there 48 hrs. Only problem is that you have to cut/paste your blog, as they don’t have a feed importer yet. Best, Lucy


    1. Lucy, thanks a bunch for stopping by! I will check out your blog and The Red Room. Thanks for the tip. I am finding Facebook to be a good source of connections. Best, Marie


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