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I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard the story of the “wovel” on NPR.  (If not, you can read about it here.)  The wovel is a web novel, a deceptively simple idea of serializing a novel on the web.  This one has a twist that will surely create a horde of wovelites–at the end of each installment, the reader gets to vote on what happens next in the story.  Victoria Blake, former editor of Dark Horse Comics, started this upstart of a publishing venture,  actually posting not just a free serialized novel in which readers can direct the turn of events, but also posting other FREE writing.   Yes, go to Underland and see for yourself.  The wovel, Firstworld, is being written by Jemiah Jefferson, the author of a series of vampire novels including Wounds and Fiend.  No, she is not a widely published author (like Stephenie Meyer, for example), but I think we should keep our eye on her.  And drink up all the free prose available at Underland.  Some might scoff at the idea of giving away art for free, but what better way to attract an audience?

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