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Intelligent Tweeting

As a Twitter newbie, the blog posts catching my eye these days are the ones about how to use Twitter efficiently.  I have enough social networking drains on my time as it is (Mafia Wars in Facebook, anyone?).  But my gut tells me that Twitter can be a powerful and positive force in my writing life if I use it wisely.  Case in point:  this blog post that I came across today while on Twitter:  “The Top 5 Ways Smart People Use Twitter” by Sharon Sarmiento.  It’s an old post (2007) but not outdated in the least.  Here’s a taste:

“As for those people who have been completely turned off to Twitter because of some of the more frivilous, immature uses of this global communication tool–I hear ya! There’s only one way to deal with those annoying folks: Ignore them. Instead, imitate the people who are using Twitter intelligently.”

Now, go read the rest of the post.

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