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An American Tradition Is A New Literary Market

The Saturday Evening Post has “revamped” and is looking for new fiction.  With the dwindling newspaper and magazine market, this is a bold effort by the Post.  Hopefully, readers will be rewarded by good, fresh writing.  Click here for the Post’s submission guidelines.  My thanks to fellow blogger, Georganna Hancock of A Writer’s Edge, for tweeting this truly news-worthy info.  This is great news for someone who has fond memories of reading the Post when she was much much younger than she is today 🙂

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how magazines can hitch a lift on the current trends away from print publishing. It’s something everyone will have to address. My agent says that in a nutshell everyone wants to write and nobody wants to buy print. But, there’s not enough money to be made from online to encourage anyone to invest serious money in it.

    So encouraging readers actually to write for the magazine in order to bolst readership and the number of people who subscribe is a clever idea.

    But I think they should make it a contest and have a 6 month subscription a condition of entry! now that really WOULD be smart!


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