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I am slowly … ever so slowly … getting back into writing.  I’ve been on a self-enforced hiatus for the last several months, where I allowed myself to be suck up into a lifestyle that I wasn’t enjoying a whole lot because it left virtually no time (or energy, which is more important) for writing.  I’m writing this post with a bit of trepidation … am I really ready to take up my blog again?  Or am I just going to make one lame post and then disappear from the blogosphere for an undetermined length of time?

Well, I’m here now, and I think that’s all that really counts …  And it’s not like I’ve been totally unproductive.  During my hiatus, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across a delightful blog called Dollar Bin Horror.  It’s a fun blog by “Rhonny Reaper” (not entirely her real name, of course) where she writes about finding great horror films for cheap and also interviews horror writers.  Yes, one of my (many) guilty pleasures is horror films, especially the old classics with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, and Roger Corman films.  Check out Dollar Bin Horror and see why I’ve been smittened.

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