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8538 (and counting)

I didn’t think I would have it in me to write today.  Last night (or rather this morning) I was up until 1 AM.  Fortunately I had the day off work, but I kept napping and we had “stuff” to do so I didn’t get to writing again until late.  I thought for sure I would blow it off and lose ground.  Many thanks to my fellow bloggers who have been encouraging me: I thought about them as I sat down to give it another go.  Now I am up to 8,538 words with an expected finish date of May 18 if I keep at this rate.  Oh, but I won’t.  I WILL finish my 50k at the end of April.  I’ll make it happen, even if it means the kitties have to wait a bit longer for their meals 🙂


(She looks like she can afford to wait, doesn’t she?)

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