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Poem: Ode to RunningFather (aka RunningSon aka Jim)

You were one of my firsts.  Clicked LIKE and sparks flew through miles of fiber optic wire across swamp and desert

A cry for kindred souls

Voices in the still silent night

Loneliness, confusion, loss were in your orbit, but you, your core, is solid shining spirit

Angel with wings folded, arms open, walking among the rocks, sand, dirt, cacti

Toward your followers

You offer moonscape, landscape, songs, beauty

Your journey is one we all know but is still your own to own

Walking in your shadow, two steps behind, I reach out and touch the glow that surrounds you

My fingers stroke a gentle tuft of feathers

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Marie A Bailey

Writer, blogger, knitter, cat lover, and introvert.

11 replies

  1. Jim was one of my first supporters here; and it’s something I never forget. With the time zone difference, on nights that were difficult, it was comforting to know someone around the world was there to say hi. This is a beautiful tribute! Blessings on your day friend.


  2. namaste. You Marie, are part of a large and beautiful fabric that is this web community, as important as family, to some of us during certain times. I will never forget your near surgical timing in certain supportive comments, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude

    thank you again, •·-·ɱ̉åɼîę·-·•

    Your friend Jim


      1. Amen. It’s a never ending fabric too, a thought that resonates now for some reason. This weaving breaks down many borders. gender, race, death.

        creation, a poem, a smile– participates in the creative life force, creating the quilt, that blankets us.

        There’s a nice thought. Bless you Marie.



      2. ̋̌Fabric………..*↨∞↨*

        never ending,
        never breaking.
        Weaving breaks
        many borders
        of gender, race,

        death. Creation,
        of a poem, a smile–
        participates in the creative life force
        creating the quilt

        that blankets us.

        gratefully, to you •·-·ɱ̉åɼîę·-·•


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