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The Countdown Begins — How You Can Help

A great opportunity to help a fellow writer and a chance to get something in return (beyond the obvious satisfaction of helping a fellow writer). Please visit her blog for more info!

Destiny Allison

Pipe_Dreams_Front_CoverIt’s almost here. After a grueling year bringing Pipe Dreams from its creative inception to a finished work, the novel will launch on June 3rd.

But why should you care? 

  • Because you love dystopian fiction?
  • Because Pipe Dreams is fast paced, immensely enjoyable, and hard to put down?
  • Because it speaks an important truth about how society evolves?

Maybe, but I think the real reason you should care is that I’m paying it forward. 25% of the sales of this book — at least through the end of June — will go to an individual in pursuit of his or her dreams. 

That person could be you. If you want to see why I’m doing this, click here.

Here’s how you can be entered to win and/or help someone else with their creative process. 

1. Tweet  about the book and encourage people to check it out. Use hashtag #pipedreams…

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