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The Seed of Light Award

seed-of-light-award1Many thanks to Jade Reyner for the lovely The Seed of Light Award.  I feel very honored to receive this from Jade, and am happy to pass it on to other bloggers who have inspired me.

To the others that I will pass this award to:  this simply is another way for me to say thank you.  There are no rules (as far as I can tell) to this award beyond passing it on, so enjoy and know how deeply you inspire me.

I suspect that both RunningFather and BusyMindThinking are well-known to those who follow my blog.  They both inspired me to write poetry, to reach and realize that some things, some ideas, some feelings are best expressed in poetic form, that a few lines can say much more a 500-page novel.

I am learning so much by following the publishing adventures and writing insights of Sarah Cradit, Shannon A Thompson and Victoria Grefer.  All three are wonderful young writers who freely share what they are learning as they follow the tortuous road of publishing (whether its traditional or self-publishing, either route seems tortuous ;))   They inspire me by their efforts and their generosity.



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