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Help make it happen! Indie Gogo Campaign

There are great perks to be had if you choose to help fund this writer’s project!

C.N. Faust

Hello my darlings,

So in the span of a few hours, I decided not to go with a Kickstarter campaign. For several reasons I began an Indie Gogo campaign instead (which is the hipster version of Kickstarter). It works the same way, and I switched my goal from $1,000 to $2,000 (because after they and Paypal take their cut I will have just the amount I need).

But here is a link to the campaign: Even if you cannot donate, please spread the word! I am ready to make this series happen in a big way!


Perks for donating:

$20 – a poster of “The Dragon’s Disciples” signed by the author!

$35 – the poster, plus an eBook copy of “The Dragon’s Disciples”!

$50 – the poster, plus a signed paperback copy of “The Dragon’s Disciples”!

$100 – the poster, plus signed paperback copies of “The Dragon’s Disciples” AND…

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