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Kickstarter Bitterness

Reblogging in part to help another person out their new venture, but mainly to make Ben very very bitter 😉

Ben's Bitter Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post, hoping to find a bitter rival out there on the Internet.  I got a lot of response from eager goody two shoes wishing to make this a nicer place to live.  Bunch of weirdos. I fought and defeated many nice rivals.  Then, all of a sudden one of the my long time followers from the early days of my blog(a few months ago), some weird lover of grammar and good manners, told me that she was going to start an online magazine for nannies.  She calls it Nanny Magazine.  Ugh. I know what kind of magazine for nannies calls their magazine “Nanny Magazine”? Anyway, she told me that she needs some publicity for her magazine and she is doing a Kickstarter to raise money for it.  The first thing I said was, “Kickstarter?  I’m in.  I love starting kick fights.  It…

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