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Honorable Mention is as Honorable Mention Does Part II

Part II of John W. Howell’s short story, Cold Night Out. The mystery continues …

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Synopsis of Part I:

Frank wakes up in the middle of the forest and thinks he has had an accident and was thrown from the car. He can’t move very well and thinks his cell phone has been thrown free. He is a big executive making about Twenty Million dollars a year.

Cold Night Out Part II by John W. Howell ©2012

It looks like I am starting to take stock in where I have been and what I am doing in life. I am asking myself if; this so-called taking stock is what happens when it is time to leave this world for the next? Before I contemplate answering my own question, I decide to at least give a plan of rescue serious consideration.

It is obvious that no one is going to hear me yelling unless they are actually looking for me. I need to concentrate on getting…

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