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The Fine Line Between Creativity and Crap

A thoughtful and inspirational post from Destiny Allison. Do read on!

Destiny Allison

This weekend, I was invited to attend screenings for two very different independent film projects. Both gave me pause. The first was a pilot the producer is hoping to sell to Netflix. Condescending, poorly written, and a disaster in almost every way, it was all I could do to stay awake. The second, Twilight Angel, was powerful, evocative, and completely engrossing. No actors were hired, no sets created. The entire feature length film took place in an artist’s studio. Riveted, I forgot my surroundings and was completely immersed.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m bothered. I celebrate creativity in all its forms, rejoice in the individual pursuit of passion, and encourage all to follow their dreams. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between embracing creativity and abusing it.

In the first film, the director/producer seized on an idea he thought he could sell. Conceptually, the idea has…

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