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I feel like shite and it’s great!!!!

The loveliest words from the Queen of the Blogosphere, the Lady Ionia!

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I got zapped by the big bug zapper. It was awesome. They discovered a brain metastasis. It was not awesome. I got a great prognosis of 95% chance of full recovery. It was awesome. I go back next week for results. I hate waiting. I am writing this from my phone. It is not so awesome. I got the coolest drawing ever from Dean at deanzdoodlezdeanzdoodlez

Needless to say: awesome.

I feel like complete shite. I’ve never felt better in my life!!!!

I love you guys! A few days to get back on my feet and I will be the neighbourhood terror once more. Thank you everyone for the love, support and well wishes. You mean the world to me.


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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Thank you, Madame. I was thinking about emailing you a photo of Dr.Hunk while I was on the table today…but they made me leave my phone in the other room.


            1. ???? I’m thinking of the Calvin Klein jeans. Whoops! Wait, that was Brooke Shields. I’m tired. You must be more than tired. Put down the phone and rest. I love you.


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