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Guest Blog: Ernest J. Gaines – At Home in the Pelican State

Interesting post on author Ernest J. Gaines from Lillie Anne Brown at Interesting Literature!

Interesting Literature

By Lillie Anne Brown, Florida A&M University

The literary work of Ernest J. Gaines intersects history and culture with universal themes of self-respect, human dignity and personal integrity. His novels pay homage to ordinary black citizens who not only deserve respect in their everyday lives but crave it as a matter of order and sensibility. His obsession with the speech, cultural traditions, and mores specific to the Point Coupeé Plantation in Oscar, Louisiana, is notable in each of his seven works of fiction. When Gaines left the plantation in 1948, at age 15, to join his mother and stepfather in Vallejo, California, he had become so enamored with the land and its people that he was unable to extract himself psychologically and emotionally from the region of his birth.


While his experiences on the plantation helped shape him, the memories did not dissipate with his subsequent move to the West…

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