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Red Clay and Roses: Revised & Edited Eversion Live Now!!!

This is an important book! Get your copy of Red Clay and Roses now 🙂

S.K. Nicholls

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The paperback print on demand is just around the corner, stay tuned!!!

Excited to share with you that “Red Clay and Roses” is live now, and ready to read/purchase on Amazon and smashwords.  Smashwords has epub, mobi and sony, so just about any reader is supported if you don’t have a kindle for Amazon.  They also have a pdf version for your computer if you don’t have a reader.

I was getting great reviews but I knew something was not quite right, especially with regards to the first chapter of the book.  So I had a copy editor take a look and we worked together for a couple of weeks and got the flow more smooth and the transitions between book sections better adjusted.  Line editing was also rechecked and minor corrections made.  There is nothing that changes dramatically, but I feel it is a better product now.

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