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It’s Awards Time Again!

Yes, indeed!  I’ve been honored with two awards.  First, Patty at nominated me for the 5 in 1 Award.

The rules for the 5 in 1 Award:

1. Display the award logos on your blog.




The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award

2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

If you don’t already know Patty at, then visit her blog right now.  She is a truly gifted artist, blending song lyrics, her own poetry, and photography/artwork into her blog posts.  Patty is a woman of tremendous feeling and she has experienced too many tragedies in her young life.  Her poetry reflects her struggles … perhaps I should say, “our” struggles, for I believe Patty speaks for many of us who have suffered great loss.  I find her poetry to be always beautiful and often cathartic.  I am always in awe of her creativity.  In spite of all she has gone through, her generosity and love know no bounds. 

3. Nominate as many bloggers as you like.

If you are a follower of my blog, then you will know that I tend to “cheat” at this part.  I hate to say “this blogger will get this award and this blogger will get the other award.”  So at this end of this email, I will list as many bloggers as I can.  I have at least several dozen favorites so I will try to pick those who may not have already received any or some of these awards. 

4. Let your nominees know via a comment on their post.

Will do 😉

Second, I’ve been nominated by three amazing bloggers for the WordPress Family Award!  The rules are the same as above, except that the list of nominees is limited to 10.

1.  Here’s the award 🙂


2.  Let me give a big thanks to:

Running to Her Dreams at

Running to Her Dreams is about much more than training for a marathon.  She’s also a mother, a dreamer, and a doer.  She finds hearts in nature, takes photos of them and posts them to her blog.  In her own words, she is a “smartassic woman running to her dreams, who follows her heart and occasionally drops the f-bomb.”  Her motto:  “always be true to yourself and think like a boss!”

Gwen Bristol at

Gwen is a wonderful blogger, sharing her insights, her writing, and lots of great marketing tips on her blog.  Hers is the kind of blog that you could spend days on, clicking from one informative tab to another, drinking up her knowledge, suggestions, and encouragement.  She is a writer’s writer:  someone who lives and breathes writing and who shares everything she learns.

S.K. Nicholls at

S.K. Nicholls is a woman of many talents:  she is an author, poet, lover of history, a Registered Nurse with a 30-year career spanning “everything from ER and CCU, pediatrics, geriatrics, hospice to psychiatry.”  She grew up on a farm but now lives in a big city.  She is a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She most recently published Red Clay and Roses, a fictional account of a true story about life in the deep South during Jim Crow and before Roe vs. Wade.  I reviewed her book here, and highly recommend it.  It is an important work, a story that needed to be told and that needs to be read.

3. & 4.  OK, when it’s awards time, it’s cheatin’ time for me.  I’m combining my nominees and invite them to choose any (or none) of the awards here.

Without further ado, let me just share the love among:

Robynn Gabel’s Common Sense Experience at

According to Dave at

Adventures and Misfortunes of Hector the Aimless at

Araneus1 at

Ben’s Bitter Blog at

Englishman in Italy at

Expat Eye on Latvia at

Dawn of Thoughts at

ericjohnbaker at

Helen Midgley at

howanxious at

Jill Weatherholt at

Julie Green at

Katie Cross at

What the Hell … at

Shannon Raelynn at

Now, stop reading this post and start following these bloggers 🙂

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Marie A Bailey

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29 replies

  1. I will definitely look these up and come back to check out more. You had a very thoughtful way of doing your awards, as you are always thinking of others. Thank You.


  2. It’s just too much! I’m having a Gwyneth moment in the pink dress here! First, Pecora nominates me for his very own award, then I get hit on by an 80-year-old in Lithuania, and now this!! Back to slugging my wine from the bottle to celebrate 😉


    1. Hi Expat Eye,
      I only nominated you for the Pecora Award because I wanted to see what a Latvian black dress looked like, 🙂 🙂 🙂 Only kidding



  3. I am deeply touched to be included in your thoughts.
    I’m pleased that others have seen your worth as I was feeling the weight of being the only one……. now I can relax and say that I knew you before you were famous!
    I do appreciate you adding me to your list as my ego knows no bounds and needs constant feeding……….. I kid you not.


  4. Ciao 1 Write Way,
    Many thanks for the award, I will treat Mrs Sensible and I to a new party frock, well the frock will be for her. I will be happy with a glass of grappa to celebrate.
    I will have a look at all the other links you have posted.

    Many thanks

    Pecora Nera


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