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8 reasons why a Writer should join twitter. On the shortest day of the year a celebration of writing short

Bridget Whelan offers great reasons for why a writer should join Twitter. It’s not just to promote your writing. Perhaps, more importantly, it’s to build community.


I know writers and readers who embrace every kind of social media but still can’t stand the thought of twitter. I wrote this two years ago on another blog and I still think it’s true…
1) You exercise your writing and editing skills. It’s hard being pithy and witty in 140 characters
2) You can find out what’s happening in the publishing industry – many (most?) publishing houses, editors, publicists and some agents tweet.
Leading London agent Carole Blake (author of From Pitch to Publication) tweets. Chances are your favourite contemporary author tweets.
3) Feel part of it – I once got tweets from a dinner table at the Booker. It was fun to know what everyone was eating or being too nervous to eat (lamb) and who won before it was on the news.
4) Make contacts and friends
5) Increase your blog readership
6) Promote your writing…

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