…have ye hugged a Blogger/Writer today?… ye know ye want to… #TBSU…

Go on … Hug a blogger/writer today. It may just be what the struggling artist needs 🙂

Seumas Gallacher

…by the awesome, omnipotent power vested in me (by myself) I hereby declare the start of the HUG A BLOGGER/WRITER WEEK... the WURLD can be changed one hug at a time… and who better to be on the end of one of yer Beargrabs than a poor, neglected quill-scraper?… one of those solitary, locked-up-for-eons-in-a-virtual-candle-lit-garret producers of penned or laptop-tapped masterpieces for the reading delight of the rest of humanity… what better way to manifest yer appreciation of the expended blood, sweat, tears, computer-batteries, snow-paque typing-error-eliminators, and piles of chocolate biscuits, coffee, tea, and the occasional stronger indulgence that gobbles up a scribbler’s budget?… if ye see one in the street ye’ll recognise them immediately… usually wearing dark glasses, as the daylight is not a common feature of their existence… sometimes muttering to themselves, which in truth is merely a gaggle of dialogue among the characters of their current WURK

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