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A plea from The Paperbook Blog.

The Paperbook Blog

The Internet.

It’s a strange phenomenon, isn’t it. I have never really considered just how reliant upon it I am, until it’s gone.

It’s almost embarrassing to realise just how much not having the Internet affects me.

From the simplest everyday task such as checking the weather; to the more vital facts of life such as passing my university degree or publishing my magazine, I am lost without The Net.

I mean, seriously, all I can do on my phone now is take pictures, send messages and make calls. Oh, the humanity.


Why have you forsaken me? 

As I mentioned in my frantic post yesterday, In Which I Rant, it appears that we will not be connected to the Internet for at least two weeks. I won’t go into details about my level of frustration, suffice to say that it appears I have a far more extensive curse word…

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