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Get a copy of Kevin Brennan’s short short stories for only 99 cents! They are worth much, much more!


Our Children new 3Click me!

I hate to do this, but I have to practice for my promotion of Yesterday Road, when it’s released next month. The clock, she is ticking!

Anyway, I need to appeal to my vast readership now and ask for some Amazon love. If 6 people buy Our Children Are Not Our Children today, I’ll have doubled my sales! (You can do the math…) Now, maybe 6 seems like a little, or like a lot. It’s all relative. But since the thing only costs 99 cents, surely 6 Brave Ones who happen by today can take a moment to click and purchase.

I’ll throw in a Yesterday Road T-shirt for the first reader who posts a new review of the book on Amazon. For 99 cents, you actually come out ahead!

Here are a few things that cost 99 cents:

A bottle of water
A can of…

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