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For Belinda: Scenes From a Walk

For Belinda at  Some time ago she asked her followers to post pictures of where they live.  Yesterday I finally remembered to take my phone with me when I took a break from work and went for a walk.  The following photos are from part of a “Nature Trail” that runs through the development next to my office complex.  While I frequently (well, every work day) bemoan my commute from the suburbs across town to the city limits, I am grateful for this walking trail that allows me to truly escape my office environment and clear my head.  The trail is mostly concrete pavement but it circles around a few man-made ponds and through some impressive oak trees.  I’ve seen red-shouldered hawks, white egrets, fox squirrels, dragonflies (in abundance this time of year), and turtles.  The last photo is my last stretch of sidewalk before arriving back at my office which is at the end of that street.  Belinda, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Big virtual hug coming your way 🙂


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Marie A Bailey

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    1. Me too. I’m glad that they kept as many of the oaks as they did when they built the development. My office complex was in this area before the development though, so for awhile it was like working in the countryside.


    1. Yup, it’s still pretty hot here. I have to wear a hat, carry water, and I still come back all sweaty … The good part of that is people will stay clear of me for awhile 😉


    1. Thanks, Julian. It’s nice to be around water, especially on hot sunny days 🙂 I’m surprised my camera took such good photos. It’s just an LG840G that I got through a prepaid plan. I guess I just underestimated LG 🙂


  1. Marie, this is so very beautiful! Those trees are gorgeous! I can imagine the walk does clear your head. What an incredible place. Thank you for describing the things you get to see. I felt your virtual hug and am sending that and much love your way! xoxo


      1. Marie, it means more than you can ever know. When you go about your day now, I’ll be thinking of you enjoying this walk. You touched my heart by sharing a part of your day. Much love, Belinda


    1. Thanks, Katie! Belinda’s delight in seeing the pictures has given me a renewed appreciation for the area surrounding my work place. Although I still gripe about my commute 😉


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