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The Hollow Living – I need YOUR help!

Opportunities to promote ‘The Hollow Living’ by C.N. Faust, due for release on November 1st. Join in the fun!

C.N. Faust

Hello my darlings,

The Hollow Living is very close to its intended release date (November 1st) and I would like to, over the next few weeks, market it as aggressively as possible. But to do so I need YOUR help!

Here is what you can do!


– Like and share my FACEBOOK page!

– Direct people towards my website for the other books in the series –

– Share links, covers, reviews, testimonials, pictures of you with a thumbs up, on Reddit!

– Create a featured post on your blog! Do you want to host a giveaway? Email me at and we will talk!

– Tweet about it! (I am still trying to make #pharunswag a thing, lol).

– Add The Hollow Living to your to-read lists on Goodreads and / or recommend it to friends!

– Reblog this post!

– Do you…

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