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A perfect shout-out to a great blogger, artist, and all-around great guy! Click the link and read on!

readful things blog

So, a long time ago I featured a very talented blogger as my blogger of the week, but his blog (S) have grown since then and I think it’s time I give him another shout out. If any of you have managed to miss Mr. Green Embers and his multiple great blogs, here is your chance to get to know him.

Green Embers

So Mr. Green:

Here is a poem devoted to you
mostly about all the great things you do
Like making us headers that fit with our style
and making us laugh until tears fill our eyes

Your main blog is great, so much fun for me
you can find that blog here–with a splash of C#

Green Embers

We also appreciate the reviews that you do
tech-stuff and movies and books to read too!
Your thoughts and opinions and your invites to share
no better place to get info…

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