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Curiosity – Or How the World Has Ended While Nobody Noticed……

Helen Valentina, author of The Seed, has just published a new novel called Curiosity through Click the link for more info!


Curiosity is published!!!!!!!

I’m very excited to announce that Curiosity, my second novel, is now available on as a paperback POD or as an ebook. The link to learn more, and purchase if you wish, is my author spotlight at:

As I’ve blogged about before, Curiosityis very different from my first novel, The Seed. The first novel was a passionate, heavy, introspective, character driven dark romance. Curiosity is lighter, though the humor is dark.  It’s a satire of aspects of our modern media age.

Curiosity tells the story of a (somewhat) benign sociopath – Peter Graham – who believes the world has already ended and no-one noticed. He believes at the moment the world dissolved into the current state of chaos and meaninglessness, everyone had one essential characteristic remaining to them. His is curiosity. And his curiosity drives him to do something which inadvertently makes him one of…

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