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RCC Update: 1WriteWay for … the last few months :)

From the Rome Construction Crew website, here’s a long-overdue update on goals I had set way back when:

Is it November yet? OMG, it’s almost November! Yes, I’ve been lolling in the luxury of not having to meet a WORD COUNT for the past few months but November (meaning NaNoWriMo) is so close I can taste it (whatever November might taste like).  So as long as I’ve been without that albatross around my neck, I’ve also been a little less active on my blog.  Of course, some of my friends (that is, the nonblogging friends) think I am very active, until I explain reblogging to them.  Then they’re like, “Oh.”  In anticipation of another month of insane writing (but what other kind is there, really), I decided to revisit my RCC goals.  Yes, I know the last time I did this was … ahem … August.  Well, tickle me with a feather.  Better late than never.  And so it goes …

My Goals

(1) Get off my own back. I am definitely much better at this now.  Ironically, it’s because of my day job that I’ve loosened up a bit.  You see, recently I received a promotion.  I’m very happy about this because I know I earned it (why do I say this?  long story for another time).  I work with a great group of people who simply bring out the best in me.  As I said to my supervisor once, my duties include “anything you tell me to do.”  I think that’s when she decided to promote me.  But my work also makes me very tired, and I’ve learned (since with a promotion comes more responsibilities) that I simply have to “get off my own back” if I want to get anything done.  Same with my writing.  Berating myself only slows me down, so enough of that already.

(2) Set up a schedule of posting that gives me time to write, but doesn’t make followers think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. I might not be doing as well with this goal as I would like.  I haven’t contributed to CSB of late, and aside from my Mondays with John Howell, my blogging is spotty.  But I’m getting there.  I’ve started scheduling posts to publish while I’m otherwise engaged (like this one :) ).  So, I’m getting closer to this goal, too.

(3) Get organized.  Dream on.

(4) Just keep writing.  That’s what I’m doing!  Every word I type or write down is just that … writing.  Just because it doesn’t fit into a neat little poem or riveting short story doesn’t mean it isn’t still writing.  It.  All.  Counts.

So how is everyone else doing with their goals?  Remember, it’s the journey that’s important.  And if you like the idea of consorting with like-minded folk who support each other regardless of whether they even have goals, consider joining the Rome Construction Crew.  Details at

8 thoughts on “RCC Update: 1WriteWay for … the last few months :)

  1. Congratulations on the promotion! I’m struggling with my goals. I’ve got the same issues, day job take most of my time and I find myself juggling time for blogging and writing. Good luck with NaNo!


    1. Thanks, Jill! I have to say I’m glad I’m not the only one :). It actually does help me “hang in there” when I’m reminded that there are a lot of us out there, just keeping our chins above the water line.


  2. Congrats on the promotion. Yes you need to cut yourself some slack. The first few months of any new job leaves little for other things. So do what you can and enough already.


  3. I love your goals! They are all just perfect. I think they are something all of us could work on, and I’m so impressed that you’re determined to meet them. Good for you, Marie!


    1. Thanks, Katie! That’s so kind of you to say. I’m glad I’ve managed to make some headway on them since setting them several months to go. My favorite goal is the “Get organized” one. I doubt that is ever going to happen 😉


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