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I Am a Debut Writer on We Poets Show It!

I’m very honored to have a story published on We Poets Show It:  Like so many of my story or poetry ideas, this one just slowly emerged and then wouldn’t leave my head until I wrote it down.  How I came about to write it reminded me that my writing muse is like Nature:  she dictates when, where, how I will express myself, much like Nature will determine when, where, and how a farmer can grow his crop.  This is probably one reason I have such a hard time with writing prompts.  The more I want to do them, the more my muse recedes into shadows.

This particular story, “Love Letter to a Young Man in a Foreign Land,” is special to me because it’s part fiction, part fact.  It evokes for me the pain and doubt I actually felt back then, and that I’m relieved to no longer feel, unless I’m writing about it.  Please follow the link over to We Poets Show It and let me know there what you think of my little story.

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