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A new place to promote your self-published book: That Part Where

Another (and intriguing) way to promote your book(s)! Read on …


Blue gorilla


Looking for a new way to promote your book? Yeah, me too. That’s why I was glad I ran into That Part Where, the brainchild of the good people behind Monkey Paw Creative.

Intriguing concept

Here’s how it works: You select a scene from your book that gives potential readers a glimpse at what’s behind the cover. And it’s not the opening scene, because anyone can get their hands on that via the Look Inside feature at Amazon et al. Instead, this scene is something that nails the book down and provokes the reader (with any luck) to buy. It’s “that part where…” Get it?

You get to set up the scene with a brief intro, you get your cover reproduced, and you get the book description included to boot. Then the good people behind That Part Where (i.e., the good people behind Monkey Paw Creative) will…

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