Giving Thanks for a Mini-Hiatus

Maybe it’s because this happened sooner than I expected …


Maybe it’s the pink hair …


Maybe it’s because we (meaning my husband and me) don’t participate in the usual Thanksgiving festivities …

Because we would rather being hanging out here …

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Florida

In any case, I’m giving myself four days off, not just from my day job, but from blogging.Β  I may pop up during what I hope to be rare moments between hiking, reading, sewing, and knitting.Β  But if you don’t see me until Monday, well, hopefully you all will be too busy to notice.

For those of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy one.Β  For those who don’t, gobble, gobble.

30 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for a Mini-Hiatus

  1. Wow, you and your hub are just like us! We’re off to Mt. Tamalpais tomorrow for a long hike and picnic, and luckily the weather will be cooperating this year.

    Have a lovely time and a nice relaxing hiatus.

    (PS — Sue would kill for your hair!πŸ˜‰)


    1. You might find this funny: I’ve never been to Mt. Tamalpais. Always heard about it, but never been there. I think my husband has though. We used to hike out to Tomales Point (well, we never actually made it to the Point), take a picnic, of course. One time it was rutting season for the Tully Elk and we sat on a hillside and watched them spar. We kept expecting to hear a voice over from George Page of PBS’s Nature πŸ˜‰
      So have a wonderful hike and picnic. I’m hoping we’ll have at least one. And I bet Sue has beautiful hair.


  2. Good for you!

    But seriously, that thanksgiving dinner looks divine! All those warm colors, and all that food, makes me want a cup of tea and a plate of hot food!


    1. Ha ha … I do have fond memories of Thanksgiving dinners (although that photo is just one I found on the web). I love Thanksgiving leftovers πŸ™‚


  3. Congrats on NaNo, Marie. I had no doubt you’d win and win early. Of course I’m late to the game, so I can say that it looks like you must have had a wonderfully quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. Oh, love the hair. I’m trying to talk my wife into putting a little pink, or red, or something in hers, but she hasn’t yet. Maybe I just need to show her your nice picture.


    1. Thank you, Dave. How cool if my pic could inspire your wife. And how very cool that you are encouraging her. I didn’t tell my husband about the plan to add pink. I was afraid he would talk me out of it πŸ˜‰ To my great relief, he actually likes it!


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