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Embracing Self-Publishing

Francis writes an interesting post about the choice of self-publishing. Traditional publishing seems to have less and less to recommend itself as time goes by (and I get older and older) …



I promised myself that I would blog about the benefits of self-publishing just as soon as I had passed what some sources cite ( ) as a benchmark – the selling of more than 250 copies of my self-published novel, Disappearing in Plain Sight.

Well – I’ve made it past the average and I feel pretty good. Heck – I feel totally pumped and I just had to get up and do a happy dance around the room before I could go on.

P1090669A big shout out to all the wonderful people who stopped by my table to chat and purchase a copy of Disappearing in Plain Sight, at the Thunderbird Mall Christmas Craft Sale, over the past weekend. You certainly helped push me over the top of that magic number. Santa had a longer line-up but I had great fun talking with people about my book and…

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