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Unlucky Day: Friday the 13th

Usually, Friday the 13th is a lucky day for me.  At least, it’s a day I don’t dread.  I love black cats and I make it a point to walk under ladders, so celebrating Friday the 13th is just another way to thumb my nose at superstition.  Except for this Friday the 13th.  Today is my bureau chief’s last work day before retirement, and now Friday the 13th indeed feels unlucky.  I love this woman.  She is the nicest person I’ve ever met:  she smiles easily, has a warm and welcoming demeanor, and rarely speaks ill of anyone.  She is very organized and dedicated to her work.  She has been my buffer between the work I need to do and the bureaucracy that often tries to trip me up.  She knits.

I have many gifts to remember her by.  Here are a few that I can share.

A knitted bag to carry my yoga mat …


Knitted yoga mat bag

A knitted scarf to keep my neck warm in chilly climes …


A go-to knitting bag …

outside of bag

outside of bag

with a pink lining …

Inside of bag

Inside of bag

A plant for my office that used to be in hers …


And a cat (for how this happened, click here) …



I know I will see her again.  She’s not leaving town, except for the occasional trip to visit friends and family.  She might even return to work via a project-specific contract.  But if that happens, it won’t be for a long while yet, and even then she will no longer be my boss.  So while I let her go, I am so grateful for all that she has given me, both in gift and in kind.

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    1. Thanks, Charles. I’m trying to be philosophical about it. She will likely “return” to work but in a different capacity and that won’t be for a while yet. I just never realized how much I depended on her until now.


        1. It’s so rare to have a boss that you can enjoy as a friend. Well, for me it is. But I know she will stay in touch with us. We’re already planning to meet for lunch next week. It will just be a difficult transition coming to work and not seeing her there, not being able to consult with her.


  1. How fortunate you were to have a boss who is also your friend. I have no doubt the two of you will maintain your friendship in spite of her retirement. Lucky gal, she’ll have all kinds of time to knit! She’s very talented.


    1. She is very talented! I get compliments on the yoga mat bag all the time 🙂 And I know I’ll see her again, even back at work eventually (she may contract with us on specific projects). I do envy her that she is retiring, but the funny thing is, she doesn’t want to retire. Long story, but she truly wants to stay. Blows my mind in so many ways 🙂


    1. Thanks! You know, she knitted it about two years ago, and I still compliments on it. I’m trying to get her to make more and try to sell them at my yoga studio 🙂


    1. Indeed she will. We joke that it’s like having a late-in-life baby … she’s so full of energy 🙂 The other cats really didn’t know what to make of her at first. But now they take turns chasing each other around the house … except for Luisa. She’s much too old for that.


  2. You have been so fortunate to have such good rapport with your talented boss…this was a very sweet post…hope all goes well with new boss! And Wendy is lovely.


    1. Me too. It will be a long while before we know anything. Her boss was quite dependent on her so I have my fingers crossed that he will select someone at least similar in temperament and skill.


  3. So you get to take your friendship into new territory outside the workplace. That’s the hallowed territory and Friday 13th is as good a day to mark that step as any. Love her handiwork in your life!


    1. I know what you mean. It’s just now we go from seeing and working with each other every day to … seeing each other on occasion, maybe for lunch. I know we will still be friends; that won’t change. But we worked on a lot of projects together and losing her guidance and collaboration just bites to the bone 🙂


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