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Guest Author Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan’s a guest on the blog of Chris The Story Reading Ape (yes, you read that right … check out Chris’s profile pic) 😉

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Kevin Brennan

I’ve just embarked on a self-publishing journey with the release of my new novel, Yesterday Road, after having had a book published by William Morrow/HarperCollins ten years ago. It’s been a tough row to hoe, trying to break through with a second book, and not for lack of trying. But things have changed a lot since my first novel, Parts Unknown, and there are enough powerful tools at hand now to take a shot at self-publishing and connecting with new readers on a much more intimate level.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been writing fiction since I was a kid. It’s been in my bones a long time, in any case, and I’m starting to believe I’ll be pecking away at a keyboard till the proverbial lights go out.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, followed by stops in Newport News, Virginia, London, San Diego, San Francisco…

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