We’ve Entered the UK Blog Awards 2014!

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Interesting Literature

We’ve entered the UK Blog Awards 2014. You can vote for us here. It’s quick and easy to vote for us, and in return, you’ll receive a free blogging ebook from the UK Blog Awards folk, which is rather nice.

However, we wouldn’t ask you to vote for us and offer only a free ebook for your trouble. So, here are some more wonderfully interesting literary facts for you, which we hope will convince you to take the trouble to reach for the vote button…

Blog AwardsWhere the Wild Things Are was originally titled ‘Where the Wild Horses Are’, but Maurice Sendak changed his mind as he couldn’t draw horses.

Harper Lee’s friend gave her a year’s wages for Christmas, on condition that she give up work and write. She wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.

Dickens’s house at Gad’s Hill reportedly had a secret door in the form of…

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