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‘Tis the Season to Receive … Awards!

I have been rather remiss of late. I’ve been honored a few times recently with awards, but I’ve been slow to respond to the award givers.  Time flies.  Seems like just yesterday, I was posing for this picture …


But just last week, I posed for this one …


So before I start to look like this ..


Let me acknowledge the awards that have been so generously bestowed upon me.

First, the talented and very kind Jade Reyner honored me with not one, but two awards!  If you haven’t visited Jade’s blog, then do so now!  You have one of two links to choose from 🙂

WordPress Family Award

Awesome Blog Content Award

Then my good friend and partner in crime … I mean, partner in Ten Top Lists, John W. Howell, graced me with the Sisterhood award.  If you haven’t been to John’s blog, then do so now.  At the very least, you’ll learn some interesting facts about him and get to enjoy his mastery of storytelling through dialogue as well as his haikus and general musings on writing and life.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Queenzdesire was kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Visit her site for what I call “eye candy,” colorful scarfs and saris and jewelry.

Versatile Blogger

I have already received the above awards thus I will abstain from participating in the rules.  However, I truly wanted to acknowledge these wonderful bloggers for their kindness and support.

Even more recently, I received two awards that are new to me.


First, the Woman’s Skirt Award bestowed upon me by Pecora Nera of An Englishman in ItalyPecora is a truly entertaining blogger, delighting his readers with his tales of Italian bureaucracies that move as fast as molasses in a deep freeze and a Machiavellian cat that takes up residence in his garage.

According to the rules of this award, I must tell you 8 things about myself and then nominate 8 other blogs.  Here goes:

1. The first time I ran away from home, I was 6 or 7 years old.  I ran all the way across the yard to my neighbor’s house.  I slept one night in the “pink room” and promptly returned home the next day when my mother bribed me with a blue Aran-style sweater.

2.  The second time I ran away from home, I was 21 and owner of a 1966 Dodge van.  I and a friend drove all the way from upstate New York to Oakland, CA.

3.  Related to #2:  My friend had painted my van with a dragon and castle on one side and a beach with palm trees on the other.  We thought CA would be all beaches and palm trees.  I can’t explain the dragons and castles.

4.  Relate to #2 and #3:  While driving through Indiana, the clutch arm broke.  The cops came, took my friend to a junkyard and dropped him off, leaving me to wait by the van until dark, not knowing what had happened to him.  He had to walk all the way back to the van.

5.  My husband and I are stray cat magnets.  I have the litter boxes to prove it.

6. I am a recovering doctoral student.

7.  I have had probably every hair style possible until I finally settled on long and gray … but still I had to add a touch of pink.

8.  I love yoga and am managing to practice three times a week at a studio.

9.  I’ve been a knitter almost as long as I’ve been a writer and I’ve knitted almost as many things as I’ve written things.

10.  My guilty pleasure is Supernatural.

Now, before I nominate anyone, let me announce my 2nd award, this one from Diana Gordon, a “curator of the weird” at Part Time Monster.  You should check out Diana’s blog, especially if you love zombies 🙂


The Dragon Loyalty Award

For this award, I share 7 facts about myself and nominate 7 bloggers.  Well, those who know me well know I avoid following rules as much as possible.  I’ve already listed 8 facts about myself for the Woman’s Skirt Award and, frankly, any other facts beyond those are pretty boring.  And I am not here to bore.  So, as far as I’m concerned, y’all have all you need to know about me.  All that remains is for me to nominate several bloggers.

And here’s where I fail.  How do I pick just 7 or 8 or even 15 bloggers?  Every one I follow from my blog has touched me in some positive way, either through:

And there are so many more bloggers that I want to acknowledge.  The best thing you all can do is simply check out my blog roll on the sidebar.  Everyone listed there is worth a visit or two or ten.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Whatever strikes your fancy.   The following strikes mine:

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  1. To everyone who came to this post, read it and wanted to comment: for some reason, comments were disabled. I have no clue how that happened, but please accept my apologies. As you can see now, comments are open and welcomed 🙂 Happy Holidays!


  2. Congratulations!! And thanks so much, Marie. I hope your holidays are joy-filled and magical. The work you put into your blog is astonishing and such a benefit for others. Best wishes,


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