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Starting 2014 with a Bang!

Issue Six of The Paperbook Collective is now live! Get your free online copy and read some great writing. TWO of my favorite writers (John Howell and Pamela Beckford) are featured and … oh my … even yours truly has a story 🙂

The Paperbook Blog

There wasn’t any fireworks in our city centre on New Years Eve.

Any official fireworks, that is.

At around a quarter to midnight, when I was sitting comfortably on my couch, gin in hand, a huge bang went off outside.

I raced on to my balcony to find a fireworks display going on in the middle of the street, literally metres away from my apartment window. For those of you who aren’t aware, fireworks are illegal in all states of Australia. Highly illegal, according to a police statement released in the following days.

But I took a timely lesson from those kids who ran giggling and screaming off into the bushes that New Years Eve, thrilled with their devious ingenuity.

If no one is going to put on a fireworks display for you, you better do it yourself.

And it is what The Paperbook Collective is all about, I guess…

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    1. Thank you, Jill! Well, I’ve posted stories and poems to The Community Storyboard ( under my blog name, 1WriteWay. Some of those are also on my blog under the categories Poetry or Ficton (yeah, there’s a typo that I keep meaning to fix). One of these days I’ll set up a page with links to my stuff 😉 Thanks for your interest. It’s a great motivator 🙂


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