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Guest Blog: Yuri Mamleev’s Shatuny, a Metaphysical Detective Story

Interesting stuff here … a metaphysical detective novel. I am not familiar with Mamleev, but this post on Interesting Literature intrigues me.

Interesting Literature

By Timofey Reshetov

Yuri Mamleev’s literary works are available to the Western reader in numerous translations, his novels and short stories have been printed in French, German, Italian and other European languages. In English however there has only been a single book where several of his earlier short stories and parts of the Shatuny novel have been published. Today it’s hard to realize why this novel was not translated completely when printed in the USA in 1980. Yet the very fact that this first book appeared in the US had a significant impact on the writer’s further life. Thanks to it, Mamleev was admitted to American Pen-Club. Around that time in the late 70s he has worked at Cornell University of Ithaca, NY, teaching Russian literature to the American students.

The Shatuny novel was written in the late 1960s against a backdrop of the formation and rise of creative intelligentsia…

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