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Good People Doing Great Things

Margaret Langstaff has a great idea for a series of blog posts: a focus on people who go out of their way to help others, often willingly sacrificing their own comfort in the process. Read her post for more details and follow her blog so you won’t miss this series when it starts.

Margaret Langstaff

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Some recent events and encounters with certain passionate non-fiction authors have put a burden on my heart, a sense of responsibility or obligation  to help speed them on their way any way I can.  These are generous-hearted, non-judgmental, self-less souls who have identified a pocket or whirlpool of  suffering or injustice that has so stirred them that they feel compelled to speak out in the effort to right a wrong or draw attention to sad and seemingly hopeless situations, situations that don’t make the front pages of newspapers or national news, but are no less tragic because of the world’s ignorance  or indifference.  In the process of trying to give voice to these stories, to just do something, anything, to help alleviate what they see as senseless pain and deprivation, their own lives have been transformed. They have in a very real sense become larger people, heroes even, if you will.

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