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A Phenomenal Book Promotion by a Phenomenal Person

Dear Readers, you will want to hustle over to Andra Watkins blog (click here) and begin to partake in all the social media and activities that she has organized to promote her new book, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis.

Click on the title to see all the ways you can purchase this novel.  And be sure to sign up for any number of social media where Andra will keep you informed (and entertained) as she makes her way, by foot, along the 444-mile Natchez Trace.

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Marie A Bailey

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  1. Hello lovely lady. I cannot confirm if it is a Belinda glitch or a wp glitch, but I have been trying to say thank you for the re-blog. You touch my heart in so many ways and have been such a blessing, it was making me crazy not expressing my gratitude…not only for the re-blog, but your presence in my life. xo


    1. Hey, you! It’s probably a WP glitch. I’ve heard other chatter about people have problems commenting, etc. But I’ve got your message and even without it, I know you’re there. I am grateful that you are in my life. I wish I could make you well, but I guess I have to be satisfied with wishing you well. You are an inspiration. XOX


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