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Time running out on the Yesterday Road discount

Kevin Brennan’s novel Yesterday Road is still available for $2 at Smashwords but only through Saturday night, so hurry up and get a copy! Check out the ratings and reviews of Yesterday Road on Amazon if you must. I’ve read it and gave it 5 stars 🙂 Brennan’s collection of short shorts, Our Children Are Not Our Children, is FREE at Smashwords through Saturday as well. Do yourself a favor. Get BOTH, because after you read Our Children, you will want to read more by Kevin Brennan. And, by the way, I rated Our Children 5 stars as well 🙂 So stop reading my post and get your(self) over to Smashwords!


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Just a reminder, folks, that Yesterday Road is on sale at Smashwords through Saturday night for $2. You can buy it here . Believe it or not, not one soul has taken advantage of this offer yet, and only one has downloaded Our Children Are Not Our Children for flippin’ free!

Sure, this has no effect on my Amazon ranking (which is slipping fast), but I want you to have the book. I really do. And I want you to have it for two bucks. And, when you’re finished reading it, I want you to be able to tell all your friends that it’s worth at least twice that much!

Spread the word.

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  1. I’ve been in a work fog and didn’t realize Yesterday Road was discounted; what a great deal! I’m heading over to Smashwords this moment to pick it up. I LOVED Our Children Are Not Our Children and encourage everyone to read Kevin’s work.


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