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Book Review: Dreams of Love. A Poetry Collection by Pamela


Poetry is like art.  I know what I like when I see it, or in the case of a collection of poetry, Dreams of Love, when I read it.  It’s difficult to believe that Pamela has not been writing poetry for years, that she has only recently engaged in the art: Difficult because her poems are so well done, both in form and meaning.  She experiments in various forms, including etheree and tanka, and the poems coalesce to form what could be a short story, or a collection of stories.  Each poem meditates on love: the desire for it, the joy of it, or the heartbreak of it.  As I read these poems I imagined a couple first falling in love with all the newness and excitement that a new love brings.  Then discord:  he leaves her, or is she disillusioned with him?  Does it matter?  Only that the pain of separation is so clearly evoked.  But the collection ends with a bit of hope, with the last poem, “A Lover’s Spat.”  How often have any of us had “spats” with our loved ones that we thought surely were the end of the relationship, only to find that it was only an “unnecessary quarrel,” a “misunderstanding,” that “It’s all part of love.”  These poems read as if Pamela has been writing poetry for years, deep within herself, perhaps unknown to herself.  Fortunately for her readers, she is now publishing her poetry so we can all share in the pleasure of it.

I highly recommend this collection of poetry as well as Pamela’s poetry blog at  Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Marie. This brought tears to my eyes first thing this morning. Thank you for a wonderful, heartfelt review. I’m glad the emotions come through in my words.


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