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“Children and Compassion” by Marie Ann Bailey

Some time ago I ran a post about a new blog that Margaret Jean Langstaff was developing: Good People Doing Great Things. The focus of the blog is compassion, telling stories about the compassionate acts of ordinary people and encouraging compassion in others.

I’m honored that Margaret asked me to write a guest post which I’m reblogging here. I would greatly appreciate it if you, my dear Reader, would be so kind to reblog or tweet or Like or somehow share this blog, either my post or this one: Margaret is looking for contributions as well, and this link provides more information if anyone is interested.

Thanks 🙂

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Good People Doing Great Things

marie ann bailey copy“CHILDREN AND COMPASSION”
Our Wonderful Guest Blogger MARIE ANN BAILEY…
on this most important issue

[Marie Ann Bailey works in the public health field by day and writes for her blog,, by night. She has a graduate degree in English, having a love for literature and writing that has been with her all her life. Her desire to be helpful, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, led her to complete a Masters in Social Work. The fact that she is a shy introvert eventually led her away from direct counseling and into the world of data. She aims now to make a difference through her writing in general, but also through direct acts of kindness, whether those acts involve knitting a scarf for an ill friend, volunteering at a shelter, or dedicating her life to caring for ill-mannered stray cats.]

“Children and Compassion”

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Marie A Bailey

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6 replies

  1. Wonderful post, Marie, and thought provoking. I often wonder about the deleterious effects of modern technological devices on parenting and young children growing up today. It’s still possible to be a good parent these days, but just a whole lot harder. So far, I’m very proud of my kids and how they’re raising their kids. Time will tell …


    1. Indeed, Dave. I think it is much harder for parents these days. I do think most parents do the best they can. From what you’ve shared about your kids, I’d say you got them on the right path 🙂


  2. What a terrific piece. I see that kind of thing all the time and it always makes me think that some people see their children as accessories, just like their iPhones. It’s all just part of some package. Nice house, Lexus, kids, phone, TV, etc.

    Thanks for your thoughtful take on it all.


    1. Thanks, Kevin! Yup, I do see a fair amount of that, too: kids being mere consumable objects to dress up and show up. It’s kind of creepy 😉


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