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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Dilettante!

A little birdie (well, actually, a big birdie) told me that today is Helena Hann-Basquiat’s birthday!  And what better way to celebrate her birthday than by heading over to Amazon and picking up one or all of her recent publications:

Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, available in both ebook and paperback.  I highly recommend the paperback.  The printed format is candy for the eyes.  If you are a fan of Helena’s blog (and how can you not be), then you will love having the adventures of Penny dammit, Countess of Arcadia and Helena all in one beautifully designed place.

Three Cigarettes, available as an ebook and only 99 cents.  By the way, I’ve read and reviewed Three Cigarettes and found it to be both thrilling and chilling.  Although Three Cigarettes was written by Jessica B. Bell, Helena was the editor.  More importantly, she is Jessica’s keeper and we do want to keep Jessica around.

Best Medicine, available as an ebook and only 99 cents.  Again, this one was written by Jessica but edited by Helena.  I don’t need to repeat myself here, do I?  I haven’t yet read Best Medicine but I do have a copy so a review will be forthcoming.  And I know I won’t be disappointed.

For even more fun, see that widget on my sidebar, the one that says “Honorary Dilettante Contest”?  Click on that, dear Readers, and prepare to participate in a truly fun contest.  I’m participating and you can see what I mean here.

Now get thee to Amazon!

And Happy Birthday, Helena!

[Disclaimer:  Nope, these are not my cats and this is not my video.  However, I have seen my cats Wendy and Junior engage in such behavior :)]


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18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Favorite Dilettante!

  1. Thank you so much, darling! I shall keep you in mind when I’m making my birthday wish and blowing out candles.


    1. Yup, she let it slip in an email correspondence … heh heh. Usually, I’m so bad about remembering birthdays … just ask my family 😉


        1. Ha. I have my family’s birthdays on my work calendar and Google calendar, with notifications popping up days ahead of time. And I still barely get the cards out on time. Of course, I do try harder for the little ones. But for the adults, for a long while I had to buy “Happy Belated Birthday” cards 😉


    1. Thanks, Jill! I got lucky on that video. I didn’t have to search very long and it so reminded me of how Junior and Wendy will “box” sometimes 🙂


        1. That’s why I put in the disclaimer. I think it is homemade, just not by me 🙂 I’ve often thought about setting up my little video camera to tape my cats’ antics 😉


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